I just came across the International Medical Council on Vaccination.  It states in the header: Critical Thinking for a Critical Dilemma and it says it is A Resource for Physicians and Laypersons.  This website is put together by doctors to educate other doctors as they are first learning about vaccine dangers.

You can listen live to the upcoming webinars, like Debate on Vaccination: Do Vaccines Cause Autism?  This one is at 8pm on Dec. 13th.  I imagine it will be archived and added to their past webinars which can be found on their site.

Take a look at all the different videos and webinars that go into all areas of the vaccine debate.  The first one I took at look at was Graphic Reality: The Charting of Truth.  This presentation is full of all kinds of graphs that talk about diseases and vaccines from many different countries.  You will see declines in all diseases, including those without vaccines, coming down at the same rate before vaccination was ever begun.  There are graphs showing certain conditions like diabetes going up and down with the curve of certain vaccination rate.  If you are researching vaccines, this is a must see video that will give you information that would be hard to put together all on your own.

Overall, I can't believe I haven't come across this site before.  It is such a wealth of information on the vaccine issue.  And most of that information comes in the form of videos that you can sit and listen to and watch, which is one of my favorite ways of learning.
If you have not seen Vaccine Nation by Gary Null Phd., now would be a good time to view it.  It talks some about the history of vaccines and discusses the case where a man was accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome.
Did you know that there may not be such a thing as shaken baby syndrome (SBS) and that it is really just a theory to describe symptoms that are seen.  There is a website called Shaken Baby Syndrome Controversy that has information that draws attention to those falsely accused of SBS, blunt force trauma, and abusive head injury.

Over the last several years I have come across many accounts where a parent was accused of SBS.  There was a case where parents where accused of causing rib and skull fractures of their 3 premature triplets.  I thought this was a good example that shows doctors need to look a bit further at the cause of these injuries.  Nutritional deficiencies and vaccines were implicated in this case.

There have been many doctors who have been calling out the problems with the SBS diagnosis.  Dr. Harold Buttram MD wrote and article called Shaken Baby/Impact Syndrome: Flawed Concepts and Misdiagnosis that reviews 22 cases involving SBS and what he has found.

Unfortunately if there are cases of SBS that are actually caused by something else, like malnutrition or vaccines, then we may very well have many parents serving time in prison, away from their children, who are completely innocent of these injuries.  I hope in the coming years that this situation gets ironed out and any innocent people are acquitted and no new people are forced to go to prison who did nothing wrong.

I just came across this article Painkillers linked to defects in baby boys.  It says "The Danish study found that boys born to women who had used aspirin or ibuprofen (which is often sold as Nurofen in New Zealand) during pregnancy, especially during the fourth to sixth months, were more likely to have undescended testes, a condition known as "cryptorchidism". Paracetamol showed the same trend, but the evidence was weaker."

Everyone needs to make their own decision on whether or not to use any drugs during pregnancy.  I just want it to be an informed decision so hopefully this will help with that decision making process.
I have known for several years now that fever is a natural defense chosen by our body to help heal from something and that suppressing a fever could lead to a prolonged sickness and can allow the sickness to get deeper into the body.  A new study suggests the same thing, though more study is needed. 

In the article That Dreadful Fever May Be Good For You it says:  "Study co-author Kyle Perrin said the results were striking and showed that animals given drugs to fight a fever were more likely to die from flu."  It goes on to say that it is clear that fever in all animals is protective.

Hilary Butler wrote about this in her blog post called Shock ...Horror -treating fever could be bad for you!.  She has been talking about fevers for years now and trying to get the word out on the use of acetaminophen (aka Tylenol) and other antipyretics and their effect on our immune system.

If you are not familiar with the reasons why you should not immediately cut the umbilical cord after birth, why not to give Vit. K at birth, and yet another reason why breastfeeding is so important, you need to read the article called On placentas, stem cells, and breastmilk.  These three things are connected and following the natural way babies made to be, will allow your baby to develop in the way that was intended.
Dr. Mercola is now offering his Nutritional Typing program along with a cookbook, all for FREE.  This program determines whether you are a protein, carb, or mixed type.  I haven't done it yet, but I believe it has you try out different foods and then observe your body to see how it responds.  This observation is how you end up figuring out your food type. 
I just added a disease area of my site.  So far I only have pertussis listed with one link, but I thought this was good info to have out there with the pertussis scare that is out there right how. 
Watch this video detailing the journey for life that a man went through after getting the swine flu.  He was supposed to die, but his family fought to get him high doses of Vitamin C.  Is it possible that some people die unneccessarily when they could be given something as easy as Vitamin C?  Had this man died, he would have been recorded as having died from swine flu.  How many other deaths from swine flu or other illnesses would not have happened if the person were just given Vitamin C?  Makes you wonder.