I just came across the International Medical Council on Vaccination.  It states in the header: Critical Thinking for a Critical Dilemma and it says it is A Resource for Physicians and Laypersons.  This website is put together by doctors to educate other doctors as they are first learning about vaccine dangers.

You can listen live to the upcoming webinars, like Debate on Vaccination: Do Vaccines Cause Autism?  This one is at 8pm on Dec. 13th.  I imagine it will be archived and added to their past webinars which can be found on their site.

Take a look at all the different videos and webinars that go into all areas of the vaccine debate.  The first one I took at look at was Graphic Reality: The Charting of Truth.  This presentation is full of all kinds of graphs that talk about diseases and vaccines from many different countries.  You will see declines in all diseases, including those without vaccines, coming down at the same rate before vaccination was ever begun.  There are graphs showing certain conditions like diabetes going up and down with the curve of certain vaccination rate.  If you are researching vaccines, this is a must see video that will give you information that would be hard to put together all on your own.

Overall, I can't believe I haven't come across this site before.  It is such a wealth of information on the vaccine issue.  And most of that information comes in the form of videos that you can sit and listen to and watch, which is one of my favorite ways of learning.

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