Did you know that there may not be such a thing as shaken baby syndrome (SBS) and that it is really just a theory to describe symptoms that are seen.  There is a website called Shaken Baby Syndrome Controversy that has information that draws attention to those falsely accused of SBS, blunt force trauma, and abusive head injury.

Over the last several years I have come across many accounts where a parent was accused of SBS.  There was a case where parents where accused of causing rib and skull fractures of their 3 premature triplets.  I thought this was a good example that shows doctors need to look a bit further at the cause of these injuries.  Nutritional deficiencies and vaccines were implicated in this case.

There have been many doctors who have been calling out the problems with the SBS diagnosis.  Dr. Harold Buttram MD wrote and article called Shaken Baby/Impact Syndrome: Flawed Concepts and Misdiagnosis that reviews 22 cases involving SBS and what he has found.

Unfortunately if there are cases of SBS that are actually caused by something else, like malnutrition or vaccines, then we may very well have many parents serving time in prison, away from their children, who are completely innocent of these injuries.  I hope in the coming years that this situation gets ironed out and any innocent people are acquitted and no new people are forced to go to prison who did nothing wrong.

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