I have known for several years now that fever is a natural defense chosen by our body to help heal from something and that suppressing a fever could lead to a prolonged sickness and can allow the sickness to get deeper into the body.  A new study suggests the same thing, though more study is needed. 

In the article That Dreadful Fever May Be Good For You it says:  "Study co-author Kyle Perrin said the results were striking and showed that animals given drugs to fight a fever were more likely to die from flu."  It goes on to say that it is clear that fever in all animals is protective.

Hilary Butler wrote about this in her blog post called Shock ...Horror -treating fever could be bad for you!.  She has been talking about fevers for years now and trying to get the word out on the use of acetaminophen (aka Tylenol) and other antipyretics and their effect on our immune system.

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