With election day approaching tomorrow, I have had many thoughts running through my head, especially after watching Jon Stewart's Restoring Sanity Rally in Washington DC.  C-Span aired the rally and after I watched it, I listened to people who called in who were just making a lot of comments in general, not just about the rally.  Overwhelmingly I found that people were viewing any opposition against President Obama as being hateful.  They were talking about how Tea Party people were just so hateful and they wish that people would just give Obama more time to do what he came to do and stand behind him.  In light of the rally talking about how the media tend to spin things and cause people to fear each other, I found it strange that these people didn't stop to think about whether what they might be thinking about Tea Party people might actually NOT be true.

I was left scratching my head because I have such a different view of President Obama and what he has done.  I paid attention during the last election when Obama talked about the things he would like to see happen in Washington and I watched how he sold Americans on his dream for the future.  I knew at the time that it was unrealistic because I knew one man could not change all of Washington, especially with long time politicians running Congress.  But, others didn't seem to realize that and just bought his hope and change that he was promising.  And with this, he was elected president.

For many people, the reality of Obama's presidency has set in.  For others, they are still waiting for what they were promised and they just want to give him more time to deliver.  But what they are not realizing, is that he HAS delivered, just not exactly what he promised. 

If you read the US Constitution, the President really only has a few job responsibilities that we the people give to him.  One of the main ones is the power of veto.  The President is supposed to be the check on our US Congress.  Now, if Obama had not campaigned on bringing everyone together in Washington and having both parties work together, I would not even be bringing this up, because I know that this would be a tough thing for one person to accomplish.  But many people who would not have otherwise voted for him did so simply because they felt that he could do this job of bringing people together as he promised, not so much because they liked all his policy ideas.  And really, he could have brought people together if he wanted to.  All he had to do was use his power of veto to do it.

How would the power of veto bring Congress together and force them to work together?  Simple!  If a President sees that people in Congress are not working together, he can threaten a veto or he can veto a bill that is passed and sent his way.  This really is one of his main jobs.  Take for example the health care package.  Even though in his speeches Obama kept asking for people from both parties to come up with ideas, it was clear that any ideas that veered from what he or his supporters in Congress wanted were not being considered.  We know this because at the same time there were all kinds of ideas that had been put forth.  And to make matters worse, he stood up in front of the American people and made it sound like those who opposed him did not have any ideas of their own.  So, when all was said and done, he passed a gigantic health care bill that was only worked on by his party and he did not veto this type of partisan politics which he had promised to end.  This type of thing is not uncommon in Washington, but on the heals of an election where Obama was elected into office on his message of bringing people together, I would have just expected him to make a better showing than that. 

So, did Obama really come to Washington to bring people together to get things done for the American people or did he just come to push through his agenda with all the things he could as quickly as possible while he had both houses of Congress?  I would think everyone knows the answer to that but there continues to be people who believe that he just hasn't been given enough time.  And somehow it is just his opponents fault because they are just such haters and they don't want to see anything done. 

I think most, if not all, people would say that the health care bill is not perfect.  But any supporters of this bill say that even though it was fraught with problems such as being too large for Congress people to read, that if it had not been passed now, it would never be passed.  Again, I have to scratch my head.  This bill could have been much better and it could have gotten bi-partisan support.  All that was needed was leadership from President Obama and his threat to use the power of veto in order to force Congress to work together.  Because Obama did not choose to do this, he allowed for a compete partisan bill to pass, that was not supported by the majority of Americans, and where members from his own party had to be bribed to vote for it.  I am still having a problem comprehending this and why more Americans are not outraged. 

Is this the type of thing you envisioned when Obama promised to bring people together.  Instead, he and our Congress, have succeeded in causing an uprising in American that has not been seen for quite sometime.  I am one of those many people who has been forced to learn more about our federal government and our US Constitution.  When I see the massive amounts of spending that is going on including all the stimulus/jobs programs, I can't help but wonder where this government thinks it gets its power to take the People's money and pick and choose who they think is worthy to get the money and help.  What about all the other businesses?  Our federal government was never meant to have this kind of power.  And I think people are starting to see why.

People who oppose Obama do it on very good grounds.  I do not hate President Obama.  I'm sure he is a nice man and his family seems great and I have no reason to say otherwise since I haven't met the man, but I completely disagree with the decisions he is making. 

I have heard people say they are worried that people will be voting this time based on lies they are being told on issues like the healthcare bill.  They feel there is a lot of misinformation and lies about the healthcare bill.  I would agree entirely.  But why is there so much misinformation about the healthcare bill?  I think we all know it is because it is a massive bill filled with all kinds of political language.  This just demonstrates the real reason people are voting against people who support the bill.  It is not because of the little details in the bill.  It is because of what happened to get the bill through in the first place even though the American people where telling Congress to slow down and get this right.  But we learned a very important thing about Congress.  They feel that they know better than the people that put them into power.  They feel that they are doing things in the best interest of the American people and that we will just have to thank them later for it.  This is just so frustrating that they do not understand their job.  But they are learning that Americans do not take kindly to being treated like they are ignorant.  No, we want to know what is in the healthcare bill BEFORE it is passed, thank you very much Nancy Pelosi.  I still cannot believe she said that.

So, this voting cycle, I think all Americans should send a message to our politicians.  We need to replace those people who do not uphold the Constitution, regardless of which party they are in.  We have to get back to following the supreme law of the land.  A country that allows its leaders to break the law is just asking for trouble.  We have allowed this to go on for too many years.  It is time to hold our politicians accountable.
11/2/2010 11:41:12 am

i suspect you are doing the happy dance tonight. :)


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