We leave in a couple weeks to go to Jamaica for my sister's wedding.  One of the first things people ask when we tell them we are going to Jamaica is whether we will be bringing our kids.  Yes, is my answer.  We take our kids with us everywhere.  I can't even imagine why anyone would want to leave their kids home for a vacation.  There is so much opportunity for learning on a trip like this, that I couldn't imagine not giving my kids that same opportunity. 

Sure it is more expensive to travel with more people.  The main additional cost was the flight.  We will be staying one night in an all inclusive resort and 6 nights in a home that we are renting.  Both of these the kids stay and eat free.  The rental house comes with a van and a driver to take us around, so all we will have to pay for is the gas and the activities.

Sure it is more work to bring kids along, but it also adds an extra level of enjoyment as they get to see and learn things for the first time.  If they were not with me, I would continue to think about how I wish they were there to see this or that.  I am so excited for my kids that they will get to experience another part of our world and that we will be there together.

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