I loved this video!  There is a lot of different information that ends in talking about conscious parenting. 

First we learn about how our body works on the cellular level.  Bruce Lipton makes it very easy to understand.  He says we are not a single entity, but we are a community of cells.  When talking about health and disease, we are talking about the politics of how the cells in the community are getting along or not getting along.

He talks about how our emotions and symptoms are how we can evaluate our bodies performance.  Your emotions and symptoms are trying to get your attention in case you need to change something that you are doing.  If we take away these symptoms, like with drugs, then we are taking away our gauge that lets us know what is going on with our body.

When we have an interaction with something in our environment, we look at whether it supports life and growth or whether it threatens it and causes a protection response.  If you are in a protection response, if you didn't use all your energy for this, you would have more energy for growth.  When you are in protection mode, you can not be also in growth mode because your cells cannot  move in 2 directions at once.  Fear actually shuts off growth.  This brought to mind when a baby is left to cry-it-out and when they are in this heightened level of stress, their little bodies are not going to be growing.  Also, high stress shuts off the immune system and we can get sick faster.

He then talks about how up to the age of 6, kids are just taking information into their subconscious mind.  Everything we do as parents is recorded and learned by them without us even trying.  How we parent our children is how they will parent their children because they will just replay behaviors that they have learned.  Anytime we are not consciously choosing behaviors around our children, our old subconscious learned behaviors begin to play out. 

Attempting to live more consciously might help, but finding ways to reprogram our old subconscious behaviors would be the main way around this.  In the video he does not get into how to go about reprogramming our subconscious.

He touches on evolution very briefly but doesn't really press the point so it is easy to ignore this part if you do not agree. 

This is a long video presentation of around 2 hrs (12 parts) but you really need to watch the whole thing to be able to put all the pieces together.  It will be well worth your time.  If you have a slower computer, if you click on more than one video at a time, you can hit pause and allow it to download while you watch the one before it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Part 5

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Part 12

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