I was able to view Blood Money last night.  I wrote a short blog on this movie in October.  This is a documentary film that talks about the business of abortion.  Even though I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about the abortion issue, this film was filled with things I had never heard and things I had never even thought of or considered about abortion.  Below I will share some of things in the film that have stuck with me.  Hopefully I won't spoil it for anyone who is going to see it.

One of the things I had never thought about regarding abortion was how, even though allowing for abortions is considered a pro-choice position, what you find with many women who have abortions is that they are doing it because they feel they don't have a choice.  They feel like that is their only option, so in a sense it is not really a pro-choice position.  It just occurred to me how ironic this is.  If this issue was really pro-choice, you would see a range of choices for the women to make, including support in the case where she decides to keep the baby.  Right now, only the pro-life movement is providing that support.

I also had not considered how easy it would be for women to go into a clinic and not actually be pregnant but be told that they were pregnant and then be convinced to go through with an abortion.  There is testimony of people who have worked years at abortion clinics and they go into great detail about the wording that they use to get women to agree to abortions.  And how if they come up with a negative pregnancy test, that they would do an ultrasound and show them a blob and say that they are pregnant.  The women would never know any different.

They talk about how easy it is to cover up botched abortions because most women will not sue because they don't want it to get out that they had an abortion.  The shame is enough to keep them quiet.  They talked about the infection rate being very high because of the number of patients per day that they get through there and they just don't have time to do a thorough cleaning of the instruments.   They talk about how easy it is make abortions look safe by not reporting any problems.  This is a serious medical surgery that women are just not given informed consent about what the potential side effects are. 

Women are not told that they could spend years with guilt and grief issues that can lead to health issues like depression that for many women can lead to suicide.  Biologically something happens in women when they are pregnant.  So, to go against that, it affects a woman's body even if she doesn't want it to.  Women will tend to be ashamed and will hide the abortion for years without telling anyone, all the while they are suffering inside. 

In addition, a woman's whole family is affected by this decision, including the father and other children.  A woman talked about the day when she told her daughter that before she had been born, she had had an abortion.  The daughter was shocked that a mother would kill her own child.  I have to wonder if she was starting to question whether she might be next (children sometimes come up with these things).

The movie talked about how abortion in-proportionately targets black women.  And how women in crisis go to a clinic and are counseled to have an abortion by people who will gain financially if the person chooses an abortion.  The councilors are trained in just what to say and do to get women to agree to an abortion.  A counselor position is really a sales position.  The woman never actually talks to a doctor till the abortion is performed, so forget about that idea that women are making this choice in council with their doctors. 

Life was talked about and how it is known that life begins at conception and to say otherwise goes against logic and science.  In order for many people to justify abortion, they have to decide that a baby who is not born is not human and is not alive.  They have to ignore the growing that is going on and the completely separate DNA that a baby has when they are conceived.  They are a complete being that only uses the mother for nourishment and a .

In our country we recognize that we have certain rights that we have that are not given to us, but are inalienable.  The first of those is the right to life.  A right is something that we have that cannot be taken from us without our consent.  For something to be a right, it cannot take away a right from someone else.  Abortion cannot be a right because it takes away the right of another human, the right to life.  Legally, abortion is breaking the law of our land.

I have made some changes in my thinking over the years on the abortion issue.  When I was in college, I always said that I personally would never have an abortion, but I didn't care what anyone else did.  Then at some point I decided that I did care about these little babies, but I still have never been outspoken on the issue except to say that this is something the courts should not be deciding.  Now I am seeing it more in the light of a human rights issue and that little babies are being killed by the millions in this country for profit and most in our country just turn a blind eye.  I am having a hard time believing that so many in our country do not see what is going on.  I hope if this movie gets out, that more people will become educated on this issue.

12/15/2010 06:08:52 am

Thanks for taking the time to watch this with me! I was pushed to think more about how if the rights of the unborn are taken away then everyones rights are taken away.


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