There is a new study out that suggests that there is a link.  This article talks about that study, with links to it, and also talks about a summary of other finds.
Remember the Swine Flu from last summer/winter?  Check out Swine Flu Review to get a recap of how it all played out and to learn any information you may have missed along the way.
Inside Vaccines is a site that I have always thought did a really good job of investigating into different aspects of vaccines.  You can start out by reading their latest blogs or you can use the links on the side to read the individual blogs on the separate vaccines.
I have never used this tool because we do not vaccinate, but for those who do, this vaccine calculator might come in handy.  Check it out.
You may have heard about increased cases of whooping cough lately.  Before you rush out and get the next vaccine, take a look at this report and get informed on your decision. 

The biggest thing you need to know about whooping cough is that the vaccine does not stop the transmission of whooping cough between vaccinated people.  So, for example, if you are getting your child vaccinated to protect your baby at home, the baby will not be protected.  Also important to note is that many adults get whooping cough every year, so even if every child and baby is vaccinated, there will still be whooping cough around circulating through adults.
Make an Informed Vaccine Decision for the Health of Your Child: A Parent's Guide to Childhood Shots
by Mayer Eisenstein
June 1, 2010

Mayer Eisenstein is a doctor from the Chicago area who runs the Homefirst practice.  Their practice delivers a lot of home birth babies and a good number of the kids do not get vaccines.  The claim is that they have very little autism in these kids as well as very little other conditions like asthma.  Looks like he is a big supporter of making sure you get enough Vit. D.

I have not read this book yet, but it looks pretty comprehensive so worth getting for anyone still researching vaccines.
For those who know there are always 2 sides to every story, you might want to pick up a copy of Callous Disregard.  This article gives a little review of the book.

If you do not know who Andrew Wakefield is or if you have no idea that there was a controversy involving vaccines and their safety, you have a lot of research to do in this area.  You should make an effort to do that research before you decide to give a vaccine to yourself or anyone in your family.  Check out the vaccine area of my website to help you get started.