Dr. Mercola has a new report on Genetically Modified Foods (GMO's) and fertility problems.  Check out the above link to view a video with his interview with Jeffery Smith and a video of a talk given by Jeffery Smith.  You will be wanting to give up GMO's by the time you are done watching these.  I will spare you my interpretation of the videos and the studies the talk about and let you decide for yourself.

In the past when I have learned about things like this, I am left feeling helpless to do anything about it because it just seems too big a problem.  But, that is not the case here.  I am left feeling like there is something to be done.  Jeffery Smith says that only about 5% of consumers are needed to reach the tipping point where food manufacturers will stop using GMO foods.  All that is needed is a change by the consumer in what they are buying.

Check out the Non GMO Shopping Guide to learn more about what you can do and to find out what foods to buy and what not to buy.  This quick guide is a 2 page resource that you can print out and have handy.

We as consumers do have a voice.  We do not need the government to implement slow change.  We can do this with our pocket book.  Please share this with others so we can quickly reach that tipping point were change happens.