If you haven't joined yet, you need to sign up for the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  Membership is FREE!  There are many benefits to joining this co-op.  First off, you get to buy curriculum at lower prices than you can find elsewhere.  They are continuously adding new packages and group buys.  I most recently bought a spanish program from them during a large group buy.  It was a great deal.

Another feature of this co-op is the ability to earn points.  You get points for signing up, for buying something, for reviewing field trips, and you can even win points, like I did.  The homeschool co-op likes to hold contests where you can win things like gift cards, iPads, and even points.  I won 5000 points in one contest and used it to buy The American Heritage video series.  These points can be used to buy many of their curriculum they offer.

They send out a email newsletter once a week letting you know what the curriculum deals are, any contests they are having, what upcoming deals that are in the works, and information on deals they are looking into.  They also have a facebook page which is where you enter many of the contests.

On their website you can view field trips all around the country and get information on them and read reviews.  You can find free curriculum resources as well.  These are just a few of the things they have to offer.  Check out Homeschool Buyer Co-op to see all the other things they have to offer.

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