Don't Tread on Me is a documentary that talks a lot about the US Constitution and how our federal government has been overstepping its constitutional authority for years.  You will learn a lot about states rights and what states need to be doing if the federal government starts butting in where it doesn't belong.  The states need to be standing up for their citizens before we get too far removed from the Constitution.

This movie does a really good job of explaining how instead of being individual states that are united with a federal government, we have become more of a federal government where the individual states identities don't seem to matter.  Polititians are trying to do everything at the federal level now as if the states don't exist.  It was not meant to be that way.  It's time to start the move back to a constitutional republic that we are.

It also does a good job of explaining what are rights versus what are privileges.  Rights are not something that can be given to us, but privileges are.  We do not want the government turning our rights into privileges that can be taken away.

Previously I blogged information about the Don't Tread On Me Constitution Quiz, so check that out after you watch the movie..
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Learn Free is a short documentary that speaks about unschooling and what it looks like.
Blood Money is a new documentary about the business of abortion.  Looks really interesting because I think it has information in it that I was not aware of.  I like to research many sides of an issue to try to get a well rounded idea of it.  Here is a write up of Blood Money.  Here is the website.  It looks like you can buy it for $19.95 from the website.
This is a great video!  Watch to the end to see if you see yourself in what he is talking about.  Can you see why the creativity level in our society is so low?  I always tell people I am not very creative.  I am seeing now that I was never actually encouraged to be creative, instead I was encouraged to do what I was told and learn what I was told to learn.  I was a good student.  What that means though is that I did not step out of the box of what I was told to do in school.  I'm so glad I have begun to move away from that type of thinking.

There are some goofy syfi aspects to this video too, for any science fiction lovers.

This video talks about how public education is designed to teach you what those in authority want you to know.  It does not encourage your creative side.  Watch this short video to see what I mean.
Here is a site called Challenging Scientism that is worth taking a look at.  Not sure I agree with everything, but rarely do people agree with each other 100%. 
I am all for the government getting back to only doing what the Constitution says it should do.  This is a great video that talks about the different ways to balance the budget.