I found a new background design that I like.  I hope everyone likes it.
I am really impressed with this news team who actually did some research into the topic  of bed sharing instead of just regurgitating up the information the authorities give them.  It wasn't surprising to find more data supporting breastfeeding.

Take a look.
This video really spoke to me today about letting go on the control I try to have over my kids.  They know what they need to do to make themselves happy.  I need to stop trying to fight them on things because it just end up making us all unhappy which should tell me that it is not moving us in the right direction.  Take a look.

You can also check out other Abraham Hicks videos if you go to youtube and do a search.  There is a lot of talk about following your vibration.  You will have to watch to see what I mean though, since it would be hard for me to explain.
This is a must watch video for anyone who is looking to improve their health.  It talks about sugar and what it does in the body.  It is 1 hr 30 min long and gets a bit technical in the middle but you will have a good understanding about why we should limit sugar in our diets. 
For years there have been things that I think would be neat to know how to do.  For example, learning a foreign language, learning to play the piano, and learning to play the guitar are a few things that come to mind.    As I have been thinking about things that my son might enjoy learning, I have been exploring the options that are out there to allow these things to happen for him.  As I am reviewing my choices, I keep reminding myself how fun it would be to be able to do these things myself.

Then I realized that I was really researching these things for myself just as much as for my son.  I could learn a foreign language or learn to play the piano.  I didn't need to keep telling myself how nice it would be to know these things, but I could actually do it.

With Spanish, I took 2 years of it in high school so I do already have some knowledge to build on, but I was never to a point where I could speak the language and I really have a hard time trying to figure out what someone is saying if they are speaking Spanish.  So this week I have bought a really nice Spanish learning program called TELL ME MORE that uses conversational learning.  I had already bought a couple little Spanish for Dummies books that talk about some of the basics.  I am also looking through my web page with free foreign language resources to see what resources I might like.  I am working a bit with my son also on this as I am learning.

It seems hard to believe that at some point I might actually be able to speak Spanish and understand Spanish.  There are so many other things that I would like to learn too.  I think I need to make a list so I can see these things in black and white and then decide which things are reasonable for me to learn. 

What are the things you have told yourself would be nice to know how to do but you just haven't taken the steps to make happen?  I am sharing this to inspire others to move past the thinking that you will never know something that you think would be nice to know, but to make the decision to go ahead and take the steps forward to making it happen.  You can learn what you never thought you would.